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Custom Cakes & Cookies

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Custom Ice Cream Cakes

Made with your choice of 51 flavors of ice cream in your choice of chocolate & vanilla cake, a thick layer of fudge & trimmed in buttercream frosting.
Cakes will serve approximately 15-18 people. - $34.99

Jodi's Real German Chocolate Cake and

Sophie's Choice Chocolate Fudge Cake

Order a whole cake for $36.00 or take a slice home with a scoop of vanilla for $6.49

or just a slice of cake for $4.99

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Flavors include: Chocolate chunk, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, monster cookie, and M & M. - $3.99

The Union Dairy

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Freeport, IL 61032

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  • March - April - May:
    Tues - Sunday:  11am - 9pm
    Closed Mondays
  • Memorial Day to Labor Day:
    Open 7 Days a Week:
    11am - 10pm
  • Sept - October:
    Tues - Sunday:  11am - 9pm
    Closed Mondays
  • Every Week: Grill closes at 8pm and No grill on Sundays